VIP 會員積分計劃

Dr. Koala VIP會員積分計劃

為答謝所有支持Dr. Koala 的顧客,我們設有三種回贈優惠。

VIP積分計劃,讓你購物即賺Koala Dollar!

每購物$1 = 1分


1. 當你儲夠100分時,可換取$5現金券於購物使用。
2. 當你儲夠200分時,可換取$10現金券於購物使用。
3. 當你儲夠500分時,可換取$25現金券於購物使用。
4. 當你儲夠1000分時,可換取$50現金券於購物使用。

二、 所有會員生日月份均享 92折優惠。

三、所有會員單一消費滿$2200 確認訂單即享 9折優惠

立即按頁面下方 VIP 會員積分計劃 | Dr. Koala 登記成為會員吧!


Dr. Koala VIP Programme

Thanks for supporting us and join our community as a Koalaian. We would like to express our gratitude through the 3 reward programmes.

A. Earn points and exchange it for Koala Dollar.

Every $1 spending = 1 point

Exchange points for Koala Dollar :

1.100 points = $5 cash coupon
2.200 points = $10 cash coupon
3.500 points = $25 cash coupon
4.1000 points = $50 cash coupon

The cash coupon will be granted to you automatically when you do the check out for the shopping.

B. Every VIP member enjoys 8% off of any purchases on the birthday month.

C. 10% off of the total order with any purchases up to $2200.

Register as our VIP  by clicking VIP 會員積分計劃 | Dr. Koala below and join the exciting reward programme!