Dr. Koala 的理念

Dr. Koala Beauty and Wellbeing



我們深信皮膚需要的只是簡單的養分。我們拒絕由人工成分和潛在有害物質組成的產品。Ingredients tell the truth, Dr. Koala 最希望顧客看清楚產品中的潛在有害物質,成分會告訴你事實的真相。所有我們認可的品牌,都能實現「安全、純粹、有效」的標準。
Dr.Koala 一直致力在天然有機中尋找滿足我們靈與美的品牌。我們要過有機天然的生活,但我們要過得漂亮、健康而內心富足。

當你於Dr. Koala購物時,我們能給予你以下承諾:

  • 給脆弱肌膚最好的營養。我們認可的品牌採用天然及有機的頂級原材料,不適合皮膚的成分從不添加到產品內。
  • 拒絕動物測試。我們認可的品牌永不利用動物測試產品成效。他們只會對人進行臨床研究和測試。
  • 支持自資的小企業品牌。我們認可的品牌由個人創辦人擁有,他們懷著夢想去創立自己的品牌,幫助人們追求真正的美麗。某些創辦人亦採用來自公平貿易的原材料。我們每一次的購買,實際上是對許多懷著夢想的一份支持。
  • 愛護地球。我們認可的品牌盡量使用生物可降解的材料包裝他們的產品,致力於可持續發展的生活。


As a beauty and wellbeing shop that truly believes in the philosophy of ''Ingredients tell the truth, '', we reject brands that consist of artificial ingredients and potentially harmful substances. There can always be a better substitute - Natural and Organics.

We advocate ourselves in searching for brands that fit our philosophy. We strive for professionalism and service excellence. All our approved brands are able to achieve the standard of being SAFE, CLEAN and EFFECTIVE.

We promise you the following when you choose to join in our community:

  • Giving the best to your fragile skin. Our approved brands include the most top ingredients that are natural, organic, and certified organic in origin. What doesn’t do good for your skin are never added into the products.
  • Rejecting animal cruelty. Our approved brands never ever test their products on animals. They do clinical research and test on people, and that will be effective enough.
  • Supporting independent natural brands from worldwide. Our approved brands are owned by individual founder who are passionate and professional in helping people to pursue the real beauty. Some of them even using ingredients which support fair-trade. What we are spending, is actually fulfilling the dreams of many.
  • Loving the earth. Our approved brands try to package their products using biogradable materials which supports substantial devlopemnt.

    Join us. Be one of the Dr.Koalaians who gives the best to your skin, rejects animal cruelty, supports independent natural brands and loves the earth.